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Sampoorna Satwik Sprouted Ragi cereal, 200gm

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*Keeps You Energetic
*Increase Immunity
*keeps you Fit & Healthy

Cereal + Protein Powder = Healthy & Delicious shake
An authentic health mix with the goodness of grains, millets, nuts and seeds. What makes this Kaneri so special is that it contains the benefits of all food groups-complex carbohydrates, protein, fiber essential vitamins and minerals along with healthy fats. Helps to keep you mentally sharp and physically active.
Good for all patients as it helps to recover from weakness.
Good for old age people as it is easy to digest, support bone and muscles strength.
Have this for easy n healthy breakfast or for delicious snacks.
Ingredients :-
Sprouted Ragi, Sunflower Seed, Ashwagandha, Shatavari, soya

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Weight 200 kg


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