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Sampoorna Satwik Herbal Ubtan, 100gm

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Nourishes, Rejuvenate, Deep Cleans, Purify, heals & shine to skin.
Ashwagandha reduces facial hair growth,
Kapurkachari make aromatic iscense, freshen up and rejuvenate skin.
Wild turmeric helps to treat on black spot on skin & to prevent clogged pores & achne.
Nagarmotha lighten the skin tone by preventing formation of skin pigment.

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* It gives Shine n glowing to Skin.
* Treat Black Spot on skin and to prevent pores
* Removes Facial Hairs
* It helps to freshen up and rejuvenate skin.
* Soap Replacement
Major Ingredients:-
Ashwagandha, Nagarmotha, Kapurkachari, bawacha, Wild Turmeric, and Other herbs.
How to use:-
Add two tablespoon of Ubtan into some water or milk, don’t make it too watery or thick.
Apply single layer of it to whole body.
Let it be dry for some time, After that start to remove it by palm of your hand.


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